President lauds ministries for highest rank in public trust

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo has praised his aides in ministries and other government institutions after Indonesia was ranked first in a survey of the Gallup World Poll for public trust in government.

“Despite other surveys that showed a similar result, this survey (by Gallup World Poll) has a high credibility, and this is a world-class survey,” the president noted at a cabinet plenary session on the 2018 state budget plan at the State Palace, here, Monday.

The president said public trust in its government is a crucial factor for the government to work efficiently.

“After we can build public trust, our work will become easier. Such an opportunity and momentum must be utilized to make difficult issues easier,” he added.

However, the president has called on all institutions to continue communicating with the public. He urged that the result of the survey should be utilized to encourage efforts to improve public services.

“Once again, I praise the ministries and institutions that have offered public services effectively and quickly responded to any complaints, and this is aimed at protecting the public,” the president reiterated.

“Being on the top of the list with regard to public trust, I think this indicates a huge confidence in the government,” President Widodo emphasized.

The level of public confidence in the Indonesian government in 2016 had reached 80 percent, up by 28 percent as compared to 52 percent in 2007.

The level of confidence in the Indonesian government is high as compared to developed countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), such as the US, at 30 percent; Britain, at 31 percent; Germany, 55 percent; and France, 28 percent, and non-OECD developing nations, such as India, at 73 percent; Brazil, 26 percent; and South Africa, 48 percent.

The top six countries on the list are Indonesia, Switzerland, India, Luxembourg, Norway, and Canada.

Gallup Data is derived from the Gallup World Poll, which is a survey to measure the level of public trust in the government.

The survey is the only one that collects data on public trust in governments in OECD countries and other major nations.

Source: Antara News