President Jokowi encourages G20 countries to combat terrorism

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has encouraged the G20 member states to unite and fight terrorism during the G20 Leaders Retreat Session I Summit.

“Do we surrender to terror? Will we remain silent? We must not surrender, we must not remain silent, we must unite to combat terrorism,” Jokowi said in remarks at the Hamburg Messe Und Congress, as mentioned in a statement from the Presidential Secretariat received by ANTARA here, Friday.

According to the President, a balanced approach between soft power and hard power is a powerful solution for the eradication of terrorism.

In addition to this, the deradicalization program for former terror actors, which were conducted in Indonesia, has helped reduce their intentions to do the same acts.

“History has taught us that military weapons and powers cannot eradicate terrorism, as negative ideologies can only be corrected with the right way of thinking. So, soft power approach in the form of deradicalization must continue,” the president remarked.

In his speech, he also spoke about the incident in Marawi City, Philippines, which is now controlled by the ISIS group and has forced people to flee.

“The Marawi case is a wake-up call for all of us that the ISIS network has now spread and affiliated with local terrorists,” the President stressed.

Jokowi confirmed that trilateral negotiations between Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines, initiated by Indonesia, had been held.

In addition to this, ASEAN will also work with Australia to combat terrorism in the region.

Source: Antara News