President highlights seven-point directives to face global upheaval


Indonesian President Joko Widodo conveyed seven-point directives that may serve as common guideline to face the global economic upheaval that has of late slowed down.

“To face the global economic upheaval, I stress several points that may serve as common guidance for us,” he remarked while opening the 2022 National Development Planning Meeting at the State Palace in Jakarta on Thursday.

First, he urged his ranks to focus on increasing the utilization of local components, so that government spending on capital goods and services must be directed towards purchase of domestic products.

Second, he pressed for the acceleration of the downstream industry process, so that regions endowed with mining resources should build smelters.

Third, he stressed that all regions should increase productivity and self-reliance in food and energy as the primary sectors that drew global attention.

Fourth, the president is keen that investment is channeled to create as many jobs as possible.

Fifth, he reminded that all plans must be made in detail since Indonesia will resume the policy of budget deficit of three percent of the national gross domestic product (GDP)

Sixth, the president called for efforts to ensure the smooth implementation of the strategic agenda to improve human resources, such as the immediate handling of extreme poverty, the reduction of stunting rate, and the improvement of educational access and quality.

Seventh, he urged his ranks to prepare for the phases of general election starting in June 2022 and provide budget support to ensure smooth elections.

Source: Antara News