President distributes seven thousand land certificates in Kuningan District

Kuningan, W Java (ANTARA News) – Indonesian President Joko Widodo distributed seven thousand land certificates among the community in Kuningan District, West Java Province, on Friday.

“We will hand over seven thousand land certificates today, but we have invited 2,500 residents to receive the land certificates symbolically,” he noted in Kuningan District on Friday.

He stated that the government was keen to quickly complete the distribution of land certificates to the community in order to prevent land disputes.

“When I go to the local areas and villages, the problem is always about land disputes,” he remarked.

He stated that a total of 126 million plots of land in Indonesia need to be certified, but until the end of 2014, only 46 million plots of land were certified.

“We still have to certify 80 million plots of land. A total of 500 thousand land certificates are usually certified every year. We cannot wait for 160 years to issue all land certificates,” he emphasized.

Hence, he has ordered Agrarian and Spatial Planning Minister Sofyan Djalil to issue seven thousand land certificates in 2018 and nine million land certificates next year.

“Land certification must be completed quickly. If the community does not have land certificates, there will be land disputes,” Widodo pointed out.

He also handed over three bicycles to the people, who answered his questions well.

The three recipients of the bike gifts were Kushadi, who managed to memorize Pancasila; Dadang, who named 10 tribes in Indonesia; and Titin, who mentioned seven names of fish.

Djalil revealed that 2,500 land certificate recipients comprised 500 people from Majalengka District, 750 from Kuningan District, 500 from Indramayu District, 500 from Cirebon District, and 500 from Cirebon City.

“We will issue 1.3 million land certificates by 2018 in West Java,” he added.

Source: ANTARA News