President calls on youth to continue to uphold high spirits

Bandung, W Java (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) here, Saturday, called on youth in the country to continue to uphold high spirits that is the essence of the commemoration of Heroes Day.

“Remain spirited to advance the nation, to make Indonesia an advanced country, to innovate, create, produce, work, and be optimistic,” he remarked after being part of the Bandung Sea of Bicycles event to mark Heroes Day that falls that day.

At the event, President Jokowi rode an old bicycle in an khaki costume of an independence era fighter, replete with a cap, a pistol holster, rank, and Red and White national flag badges.

He explained that he had worn the costume to mark Heroes Day.

“Today, Nov 10 is Heroes Day. Hence, we tried to revive the atmosphere of 1945, the atmosphere of independence struggle. That is why I wore this,” he noted.

While speaking about his experience of riding through the route, Jokowi said he was a bit groggy, as the bicycle he rode had no brake.

“It is indeed an old bike, and it indeed has no brake. That was why I rode a bit near the roadside. It was because of the brake issue. That was the thing that made me groggy,” he stated.

“If the road was indeed sloping, I might have just as well hit the pavement to stop,” he noted wittily.

However, the road was flat, so he arrived safely. Speaking in response to a question on whether he was tired, he replied in the negative, saying that he had ridden the bike for only some five kilometers.

The bike riding event was organized in cooperation with the West Java Siliwangi Regional Military Command III and the West Java provincial government.

Source: ANTARA News