President calls on people to use social media wisely

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo has called on the public to use social media wisely, and refrain from spreading hatred and defamatory remarks.

Addressing students during the opening of the national martial art championship at Minhaajurrosyidiin Islamic boarding school, East Jakarta, Tuesday, he said: “We must be careful about posting anything on the social media, especially teenagers. Could it be offensive to others, or hurt others feelings? Will it denounce or besmirch someone?”

President Widodo urged the students to consider these questions before posting anything online.

Social media, the President noted, has become a fertile media for negative behaviour, which is not part of the nations culture, and these tend to provoke or besmirch others, leading to further hatred.

“I will remind you this. We are brothers of one nation, one country. Dont forget that,” Jokowi asserted.

The President then invited a participant to answer a quiz by him.

When a participant hesitantly walked on to the stage, the President remarked: “Dont be afraid, the President is not a dictator.”

He then revealed how some people had termed him authoritarian in the social media.

“How can they say that I am a dictator with a face like this,” the President quipped, while the students broke into peals of laughter.

Source: Antara News