President calls on people not to disseminate slander

Bandar Lampung, Lampung, (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has reminded that the people should not disseminate slander and false news.

“Be careful in sowing slander and disseminating hoax or false news,” President Jokowi told the media at Lampungs Radin Inten II Airport on Saturday night.

The President in a number of events has explained to the people that he himself had been slandered through a picture of DN Aidit who made a speech.

In the engineered picture, Jokowi stood in front of the pulpit where DN Aidit made a speech.

He said that there was a legal process for hoax and slander spreaders.

On October 15, 2018, The National Polices Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim) arrested the owner of social media Instagram account @sr23_official, named Jundi (27) at his residence, Lueng Bata sub-district, Aceh Province.

“It is a slap, a slap in terms of a legal process,” Jokowi said in response to the arrest of the hoax spreader suspect.

Jundi is suspected to have produced and disseminate false news and hate speech.

The suspect also had uploaded a number of accusations that President Joko Widodo was a follower of the now banned Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

During his two-day visit in Lampung, the president also expressed concern at the time of entering the political year, due to the spread of slander, the circulation of false news and blasphemy through social media.

Jokowi was also furious about the existence of slander, which has spread in relation to the PKI (aborted communist movement).

“It is a slander. Moreover, the PKI was dissolved from 1965-1966. I was born in 1961, meaning my age was only four years. How come it is rumored that President Jokowi is a PKI activist? Is there a PKI toddler?” asked the President.

The president also asked the public not to easily trust outstanding issues through social media.

The President and First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo made a working visit in Lampung Province on Friday and Saturday (Nov 23-24).

Source: ANTARA News