President calls for evaluation of membership of international organizations

President Joko Widodo has called for evaluation of Indonesias membership of various international organizations to assess the extent to which the national interest was being served.

“I have asked for an evaluation of our membership of 233 international organizations (to see) whether or not such membership was bringing concrete benefits to serve our national interest,” Jokowi, as the president is popularly known, told a meeting at the Presidential Office here on Thursday.

The president said the very preamble of the constitution stipulates that Indonesia must participate in efforts to establish a world order based on freedom, peace and social justice.

“Now, Indonesia has joined 233 international organizations. This is a very large number,” he reminded, adding that membership of such global bodies must cater to the national interest.

“We should not join an organization merely as a formality. (It should not be that) we are on the list of (an organizations) members but we are not active. Membership should lead to positive contribution to the world and the country,” he stressed.

Furthermore, he stressed that such membership should be in line with the countrys foreign policy stance of being free and proactive.

“Of course, our membership has another consequence, that of the funding aspect,” he underlined.

It means that the decision to become a member of such organizations take into account the states budgetary capacity.

“What we contribute (to the organization) should not go in vain, an apprehension if the membership did not bring significant benefit to the nation, the country and the people,” President Jokowi explained.

Source: Antara News