PPP chief arrest is a bitter pill, but it must be accepted: TKN

Surabaya , East Java (ANTARA) – The Secretary of the National Campaign Team (TKN) for Joko Widodo-KH Ma’ruf Amin, Hasto Kristiyanto has said that the arrest of the PPP Chairperson Romahurmuziy by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is a bitter pill, but must be accepted.

“Although the pill is bitter, it must be accepted and continue to increase the consolidation steps for Jokowi-Ma’ruf,” Hasto Kristiyanto said in the East Java PDI-P office in Surabaya on Saturday.

The Secretary General of the PDI-P acknowledged that after all Romahurmuziy or familiarly called Rommy was part of the Indonesian coalition working so that the case was a concern.

“We were shocked to be saddened by the news, but still we cannot intervene in the law and respect the process carried out by the KPK,” Hasto said.

The case that happened to Rommy, he said, was the best lesson for the Indonesian coalition to work, including all elements of the state administration.

According to him, this proves that anyone, both inside and outside the government, is equal before the law so that it is indiscriminate.

“Once again this is a lesson for everyone. As a form of solidarity, we will not leave PPP friends and continue to win Jokowi-Ma’ruf together for the 2019 Presidential Election,” he said.

Meanwhile, the KPK has increased the status of case handling to investigation and determined three people as suspects, namely alleged recipients of members of the DPR for the 2014-2019 period Muhammad Romahurmuziy (RMY).

Meanwhile, alleged givers were the Head of the Gresik District Ministry of Religion, Muhammad Muafaq Wirahadi (MFQ), and the Head of East Java Provincial Ministry of Religion Haris Hasanuddin (HRS).

In this case, Rommy together with the Indonesian Ministry of Religion allegedly accepted bribes to influence the results of high-ranking positions in the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, namely the Head of the Office of the Ministry of Religion o a district iof East Java.

The total amount of money secured by the KPK team in red handed operation (OTT) in Surabaya, East Java, Friday (3/15) amounted to Rp.156,758,000.

Source: ANTARA News