Pondok Kelapa’s Rembuk RW 05 Approves 11 Priority Proposals

East Jakarta Secretary, Usmayadi revealed, through rembuk RW 05 (meeting forum), around 38 proposals were filed by citizens in Pondok Kelapa Urban Village, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, Wednesday (1/16) night.

One of the most priority proposals is construction of community health center (puskesmas).

“We do strict selection and priority scale proposals for future needs, this is what we put forward,” he expressed.

Pondok Kelapa Urban Village Head, Sisca Leonita added, besides puskesmas, citizens also proposed water channel repair, garbage cart provision, and additional streetlight.

“But we only approved 11 proposals, and then continued to the Regional Development Planning Forums (Musrenbang) at urban village level,” she stated.

Meanwhile, Pondok Kelapa RW 05 Head, Abdillah added that all of these proposals are purely from citizens.

“Previously we had a meeting at RT level and continued to RW level for approval,” he told.

Source: Berita Jakarta