Pondok Bambu prison’s 142 inmates granted clemency on Eid

Jakarta (ANTARA) – A total of 142 inmates of the Pondok Bambu female correctional facility in East Jakarta were granted pardons on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

The inmates are among the 173 proposed to receive Eid al-Fitr clemency this year, Chief of the Pondok Bambu Correctional Facility Yuli Niartini remarked after the Eid al-Fitr prayers in the vicinity of the correctional facility on Wednesday.

“Of the 173 inmates whose names we have proposed, the decision to grant pardon was taken for 142 convicts, while the remaining 33 are still awaiting it,” she noted.

The correctional facility currently houses 401 convicts comprising 380 prisoners, 16 detainees, and five underage inmates.

A reduction in prison term from five days to five months was granted to the inmates.

Niartini stated that the inmates were worthy of being awarded clemency owing to their good conduct while serving prison term.

“The clemency is expected to shore up optimism among prisoners while serving their jail term,” she emphasized.

The inmates applauded on listening to the correctional facility chief’s announcement of clemency.

Following the Eid al-Fitr prayers and sermon, over 200 inmates shook hands and forgave one another.

“Do you know that I received pardon today,” an inmate remarked while shaking hands with her prison mates.

Source: Antara News