Police unveil 15 drug cases in n Sumatra

Medan, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) – The Narcotics Directorate of North Sumatra Police said it has unveiled 15 cases of international drug syndicates involving 34 suspects so far in November.

The Narcotics Director of the North Sumatra Police Sr. Com. Henry Marpaung said police confiscated 32 kilograms of methamphetamine and hundreds of ecstasy pills during the operation from Oct 31 to Nov 13.

On Oct 31, two suspects with initials MM and FBH were arrested carrying 182 grams of methamphetamine at Jalan Sei Silau in the Wahid Hasyim complex, Henry said here on Wednesday.

Later on the day the police arrested three other suspects – AS, HPA, and LF, at Jalan Gatot Subroto in the city and confiscated 198 grams of methamphetamine and four units of hand phone.

On Thursday (Nov 1) two women were nabbed at the Kualanamu International Airport found carrying 2 kg of methamphetamine. Police confiscated a hand-phone and a flight ticket for Jakarta from the two women with initials of HA and NN.

Later, a man with initial of A was seized by the police at Jalan Mencirim, in the sub-district of Sunggal carrying 1.813 grams of methamphetamine, Henry said.

Henry went on to say, two other suspects with initials of AH and WM were arrested at Jalan Iling, in the Rengas Pulau village carrying 97.82 grams of methamphetamine.

A suspect with initial of FYA was nabbed at Jalan Sisingamangaraja in the city found in possession of 200 grams of methamphetamine.

Three other men were seized at Jalan Bilal, Pulo Brayan Darat in the city carrying 992 grams of methamphetamine. Police also confiscated a Honda motorcycle from the suspects with initials of M, Y and A.

“The Serdang Bedagai police arrested two men at the village of Tualang, Perbaungan on Thursday (Nov 8) and confiscated 850 grams of narcotics from the suspects identified with initials R and A,” Henry said.

Source: ANTARA News