Police teams to monitor cooking oil policy implementation

Human Rights

The National Police (Polri) have formed special teams for monitoring the implementation of the one-price cooking oil policy in the regions.

“Polri has formed monitoring teams in regions to monitor cooking oil production, distribution, and selling activities,” National Police spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ahmad Ramadhan confirmed here on Thursday.

According to Ramadhan, the teams have also been tasked with preventing panic buying of cooking oil among the community.

The National Police has coordinated with the Ministry of Trade and the trade offices of provinces, cities, and districts to issue a regulation or technical regulation on the sale of cooking oil at Rp14 thousand per liter, he informed.

The regulation includes limiting sales to two liters of cooking oil on each purchase, he said.

He explained that the limitation is aimed at preventing the hoarding of cooking oil.

Anyone found hoarding oil would face five years’ imprisonment or a penalty of Rp50 billion, Ramadhan emphasized.

“It is in accordance with Article 107 of the 2014 Law on Hoarding,” the National Police spokesperson added.

On January 19, 2022, the Indonesian government officially implemented the policy, capping the price of cooking oil at Rp14 thousand per liter to meet the needs of households and micro and small businesses.

The step was taken to handle the high price of cooking oil, as well as push efforts to ensure the availability of cooking oil at affordable prices.

In the early stage of its implementation, the one-price policy will be enforced by modern retailers who are members of the Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association (Aprindo), Ramadhan said. Meanwhile, sellers in traditional markets have been given one week to make adjustments before implementing the new price, he added.


Source: Antara News