Police probe IS threat in Kebayoran Lama Hq

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Head of National Police General Tito Karnavian stated here on Wednesday that the investigators were still probing some provocations, including a threat letter and the installation of IS flag at Kebayoran Lama Police Headquarter on Tuesday.

“The probe is yet to decide whether the incident was a terror attack. Hence, instead of assuming, we should wait. Apart from IS, other individuals seeking to incite chaos are also capable of committing such provocations,” Karnavian said at Halim Perdanakusuma airport in Jakarta.

Following the incident, the public should stay composed and remain vigilant, Karnavian noted.

“The person behind this incident expected us to be frightened and panic. Hence, we must stay fearless toward the terror as it aimed not to kill people but to incite chaos,” the National Police chairman reiterated.

During a similar occasion, Karnavian further explained the important role played by the media in halting the chaos among people when there is a provocation or threat occurring in public spaces.

“Therefore, instead of dramatizing the incident, the media needs to await the result of police officials investigation,” he remarked.

Earlier on Tuesday, a police on duty, Chief Brigadier Billy, found an IS flag on the police HQs fence along with a threat letter declaring that the group would turn the countrys capital city into a war zone like a besieged city of Marawi, Philippine.

After the incident, the police questioned some witnesses nearby while checking records from hidden cameras. The incident presumably occurred around 5.30 a.m. local time.

The flag, with its black color background and white Arabic inscription, has served as the groups most recognizable symbol. The flags top letter is a declaration of faith for Moslem (Shahada), which reads “There is no God but Allah.”

Meanwhile, under the first letter, there is a circle with three Arabic Inscriptions which declare that “Mohammad (the Prophet) is the messenger of Allah.”

Source: Antara News