Police officers divert motorcyclists away from Cileunyi toll gate


Police officers at Cileunyi toll gate in Bandung district, West Java, are diverting dozens of motorcyclists mistakenly taking lanes headed to Padaleunyi toll road during the return flow of the Eid exodus.

Bandung District Police head, Senior Commissioner Kusworo Wibowo, said that fatigue and failure to observe traffic signs are the most probable reasons for motorcyclists taking the wrong turn.

“After we divert them to the correct direction, we ask them why they are mistaken (driving to the toll road). Some of them said they lose their focus; perhaps they are fatigued,” Wibowo noted at the Cileunyi integrated checkpoint here on Friday.

He said that the mistake can prove dangerous for motorcyclists as, upon realizing their error, they need to cross the road and navigate around speeding cars.

Motorcyclists often take the left lane of the road to avoid speeding vehicles in the central lane, however, because the toll gate is located on the left lane, they fail to break away and get stuck in the stream of cars headed to the toll gate, the police head explained.

Wibowo then urged motorcyclists to pay attention to traffic signs at the Cileunyi intersection close to the toll gate to avoid making this mistake.

“We have also deployed extra officers (at the site). Perhaps the officers are still lacking, but they have been prepared to manage the traffic (in the area),” he said.

He also urged travelers to get enough rest before traveling to avoid loss of focus on the road.

“Travelers who are fatigued must not force themselves (to continue the journey) because (fatigue) may cause road accidents. Please take rest in rest areas or at our checkpoints,” Wibowo remarked.

Source: Antara News