Police never get feared of terror attacks: Maluku police chief

Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA News) – Maluku Police Chief Inspector General Deden Juhara said here Saturday a series of terror attacks on police officers in Indonesia have never made any of them get feared.

“We have never been afraid of the acts of terrorism. Instead, we, as police officers and servants of the nation, must remain tough because we are with our people,” he said in response to the latest terror attack in Jakarta.

A day before the 71st anniversary of Bhayangkara Day was commemorated on July 1, two police Mobile Brigade (Brimob) members were stabbed by a man at a mosque located near the Indonesia Police Headquarters in South Jakarta.

Speaking at the commemoration of 71st anniversary of Bhayangkara Day here, Juhara said the Indonesian police maintain their professionalism and commitment to gaining the peoples trust for the sake of a just and prosperous Indonesia.

“Challenges that we are facing will make us stronger and strengthen the values of our fighting spirit,” he said.

The Indonesian Police Headquarters head of Public Information Bureau Brigadier General Rikwanto said earlier that the two Brimob personnel, who were attacked on Friday evening, were being treated at Pertamina hospital for injuries.

At around 7.30 p.m. after Isha prayer at the mosque on Falatehan Street, a man suddenly stabbed two Brimob members, who were praying not far away from him.

“The attacker just took out the knife and attacked the two Brimob members while shouting kafir (unbeliever),” he revealed.

The two Brimob members, namely Adjunct Commissioner Dede and First Brigadier Saiful Bahri, were wounded on their face and neck, he noted.

After stabbing the police members, the man ran out of the mosque towards Block M bus station.

A Brimob member on guard, not far away from the mosque, chased the man and fired warning shots, which were ignored by the man.

“He would not surrender and even turned around and threatened to attack with his knife,” he explained.

As a result, the Brimob member shot him dead at the scene. His body was taken to Said Sukanto police hospital in Kramat Jati, East Jakarta.

Source: Antara News