Police identify conflict-prone polling stations in Papua

Jayapura (ANTARA) – The Papua Provincial Police have identified several conflict-prone polling stations in Jayapura municipality and Jayapura district.

“We have identified and mapped several conflict-prone areas in Jayapura municipality and Jayapura district,” Chief of the Papua Provincial Police’s Public Relations Division Senior Commissioner A.M. Kamal said in Jayapura on Tuesday.

Several conflict-prone areas are located in the central mountain range.

“We fear some of the residents there will follow the others and use the noken voting system. That is a source of conflict because the noken voting system is not valid in Jayapura municipality and Jayapura district,” he said.

Under the noken system, a group of voters are represented by one person, who is usually appointed by the community through a general agreement. The appointed representative will later report the group’s votes to the election officials.

The noken voting system is only valid in 12 districts in Papua’s central mountain range, he said.

Supporters and legislative candidates from different parties will also be a source of conflict, he said.

“So, we have anticipated (possible conflicts) at each polling station,” he said.

Source: ANTARA News