Police has strong evidence of alleged treason

The Indonesian Police has obtained five strong pieces of evidence related to alleged treason involving 11 activists, Senior Commissioner MartinusSitompul, a spokesman of the national police, has revealed.

“One, there is a document that will be used by investigators. Two, a video. Three, a news report on inciting statements, and four, evidence of money transfer from a source,” Martinus said here on Tuesday.

There were also signs of a malicious conspiracy, he said. “By preparing cars to take people to the parliament building,” he added.

He reiterated that the police and organizers of the December 2 rally had agreed that people could conduct mass prayers. “But then there was a plan to disturb this action by taking the crowd to the parliament building. That was a violation of our agreement.”

Earlier, on Friday, the police arrested 11 people for suspected treason in pre-dawn raids ahead of the rally by protesters opposed to the non-active Jakarta Governor BasukiTjahajaPurnama.

Millions of Indonesian Muslims took to the streets last week to call for the arrest of BasukiTjahajaPurnama, popularly known as Ahok, for alleged religious blasphemy.

Eight of the suspects namely Ahmad Dhani, KivlanZein, Adityawarman, RatnaSarumpaet, FirzaHusein, Eko, Alvian and RachmawatiSoekarnoputri were not detained, but investigation on them is still ongoing.

Three of the suspects, Sri BintangPamungkas, Jamran, and Rizal were detained for alleged violation of law on information and electronic transactions as well as Article 107 of the criminal code on incitement.

Source: Antara News