Police, Foreign Ministry to send team to Sudan

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian Police and Foreign Affairs Ministry would send a team to Sudan, to help investigate alleged weapons and ammunition smuggling by the Indonesian Formed Police Unit (FPU) VIII upon leaving Al-Fashir airport in Sudan.

“A team from the Indonesian Police and Foreign Affairs Ministry will go there (Sudan) to conduct joint investigation on the issue,” Police spokesman Brigadier General Rikwanto said at the police headquarter here, Tuesday.

Following the case, 139 members of the Indonesian FPU VIII were held in Darfur while waiting for the police investigation, while FPU IX unit could not start their services yet in Darfur.

“FPU IX unit has arrived (in Sudan) but for now their duties were stalled as the investigation is still running,” he said.

He cited information of the FPU VIII commander who claimed that the weapons allegedly smuggled to Al-Fashir airport in Sudan were not belonging to his unit.

“Until now, the FPU VII team did not know where the luggage came from, who own them, and why they were there,” he continued.

Earlier on Friday, local media in Sudan reported that the government of North Darfur state has arrested the Indonesian soldiers for carrying smuggled arms when they were about to leave for Indonesia after completing their services.

The weapons and ammunition were concealed and covered as precious minerals.

The outgoing group had left with two containers full of luggage, which had already been checked before being packed, Indonesian National Police spokesman Sr. Com. Martinus Sitompul said.

According to the Sudanese Media Centre, various weapons and ammunition were unearthed during a search by local authorities, including Kalashnikov rifles, GM3 rifles and other handguns, as well as large quantities of ammunition.

According to the UN, the peacekeeping mission in war-torn Sudan comprises 19,248 police and military personnel from various countries. This number includes 1,583 police personnel and 13 formed police unit of up to 140 personnel each, which the Indonesian police unit is referred to.

Source: Antara News