Police correctly handled Pondok Indah hostage taking: Hendardi

Setara Institute Chief Hendardi said the police have taken the right steps in handling the case of robbery and hostage taking in Pondok Indah in South Jakarta on Saturday.

“The National Police (Polri) acted expeditiously and took the correct steps in handling the robbery and hostage taking incident in Pondoh Indah,” Hendardi stated in a written statement released on Saturday.

Hendardi emphasized that the Jakarta Police personnel conducted the operation with due caution and in a professional manner.

Moreover, the police personnel did not apply violence or open fire. The operation to secure the release of the hostages and overpower the hostage takers was managed without any loss of life.

Hendardi claimed the police officers understood the ground conditions and were able to negotiate, ensuring the safety of victims as well as culprits.

The chairman of the Young Betawi Intellectuals Community (KIMB), Ramdan Alamsyah, also praised the steps that the police took in handling the case.

Ramdan pointed out that the Jakarta police personnel acted swiftly and were able to ensure that people around the housing complex felt secure.

He stressed that Polri, under the leadership of General Tito Karnavian, showed professionalism.

Earlier on Saturday, Jakarta Police officers foiled an armed robbery attempt and a hostage taking bid at a house owned by Asep Sulaiman in Jalan Bukit Hijau IX No. 17, Pondok Indah, an elite residential area in South Jakarta.

The police arrested two armed hostage takers, AJ and S. The robbers had held hostage four victims who were also successfully secured and taken to hospital for treatment to deal with trauma they underwent.

Source: Antara News