Police arrest suspected terrorist in Batam

Indonesian police have arrested a suspected terrorist of the Katibah Gigih Rahmat (KGR) group in Batam, Sumatras Riau Islands province.

“On Saturday, a member of KGR group was arrested from the Maxxis internet service kiosk in Fanindo housing complex, Batu Aji,” the National Polices head of public information bureau Brigadier General Agus Rianto, said in a text message.

The suspected terrorist, identified by his initials as LH (24), is an unemployed resident of Taman Carina housing complex Block 41, Batu Aji.

As a member of the KGR, led by Gigih Rahmat Dewa, LH is believed to have been involved in helping wanted terror suspect from Uighur, China, known as Dony, to remain in hiding. He also facilitated Indonesian citizens wishing to go to Syria. Besides, he aided two foreigners from Uighur to enter Batam and in receiving funds from the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) to fund the duo.

“Together with the KGR group members, he attended a drill using airsoft guns and airguns in preparations for leaving for Syria,” he added.

LH is also believed to have participated in plotting to attack Marina Bay in Singapore.

Earlier, Indonesias anti-terror Densus 88 squad, in cooperation with the Riau Islands police, had arrested six suspected terrorists in Batam on Friday (Aug 5).

The six terrorist suspects are Gigih Rahmat Dewa (31), Tar (21) and ES (35), who were caught in Batam Center, TS (46) caught in Nagoya, HGY (20) and MTS (19), caught in Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Batu Aji, Batam.

MTS was later released because he was not proven to be connected with the network.

Nur Rohman, the suicide bomber who had attacked Surakarta city police resort station some time ago, and Bahrun Naim, an ISIS fighter, were also believed to have links to the KGR.

Source: Antara News