PMI commends high health protocol adherence amid Eid exodus trip

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Secretary General of the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI) Sudirman Said praised the high level of compliance to health protocols among travellers during their Eid al-Fitr exodus trip.

“We are thankful that almost all travellers (are observing health protocols) and only a handful of travellers are not using masks. Moreover, booster vaccine requirements and the COVID-19 test certificate requirement for residents, who are yet to receive their booster vaccine, are still being followed,” Said stated at the Kampung Rambutan Terminal, East Jakarta, on Saturday.

The secretary general lauded the travellers’ cooperation to observe health protocols while travelling and expressed optimism that they would continue to observe health protocols after arriving at their destination.

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“Residents’ awareness to protect each other is still high, and we hope it would continue after they arrive in their hometown. After all, we are still vulnerable (to COVID-19) despite the current declining trend. We must ensure that the Eid al-Fitr exodus will not cause a surge in infections,” he noted.

The Central PMI office, Jakarta provincial PMI office, and the municipal PMI office conducted joint operations to assist travellers at 11 exodus embarkation points in Jakarta that included the Port Tanjung Priok, Pasar Senen Station, and Kampung Rambutan Terminal, the secretary general remarked.

The Red Cross Society is ready to provide health assistance to travellers, including free health masks and ambulance services for emergency purposes as well as health protocol information, he stated.

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Said remarked that the service will be available throughout the Eid exodus period a week before and one week after Eid al-Fitr.

He noted that travellers should ensure staying healthy while returning to their hometown amid the high travel fervour among residents after two years of COVID-19-related travel restrictions compelled them to spend Eid al-Fitr away from their families and relatives.

“Travellers can spend time with families (in their hometown), but they must also ensure that they will not infect (their family) and they will return safely and in good health,” the secretary general remarked.

Source: Antara News