PLTB Tolo construction to be completed faster than its target

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Wind Power Plant (PLTB) of Tolo in Jeneponto District of South Sulawesi is expected to be completed faster than its target, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arcandra Tahar said.

The construction of PLTB Tolo in Binamu subdistrict has been 97 percent completed, Tahar noted in a statement here on Tuesday.

Of the total 20 wind Turbine Generator (WTG), 17 of them have been installed, and the construction of control building and service building has also been completed.

PLTB Tolo is targeted to begin its Commercial Operation Date (COD) by the end of 2018, faster than its previous target of next year.

“Our vision in the future is renewable energy. We cannot always depend on fossil fuel. The construction of PLTB would increase our national power supply. Our electricity reserve margin should be more than 30 percent,” Tahar stated.

The government has accelerated the development of renewable industry and encouraged the industry to improve its competitiveness.

“Our commitment is to have a ratio of 23 percent of renewable energy by 2025. PLTB (Tolo) is one of it. We also develop other type of power plants, such as geothermal, hydropower plant, solar power plant, biomass, and biogas. We will develop all kinds of potential renewable energy sources, so that we can supply energy for all Indonesians and not depend on other countries,” he remarked.

PLTB Tolo has 42 percent of local content. With a height of 133 meters and with a 63-meter-long propeller, each turbine could produce 3.6 megawatt of electricity, bringing the total capacity to 72 megawatt.

“PLTB Tolo has a higher tower than those of PLTB Sidrap. Its blades are also longer than Sidrap,” he pointed out.

Source: ANTARA News