Pesanggrahan Riverbank Turned Into Urban Farm

A plot of land, which is located on the Pesanggrahan riverbank, formerly used as illegal waste disposal has now changed completely.

To eliminate rotten smell, its land has been turned into urban farming for agriculture and ornamental plants development by local citizens of Jalan Kampung Baru II, Ulujami, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta.

“We do a mutual cooperation by hoarding the waste with construction material debris and then process the land as we planned,” expressed Sugiarti, a citizen of RT 08/02, Thursday (3/14).

While another citizen, Husin admitted that he participated use land for vegetable farming. Some types are planted namely kale, spinach, eggplant, chili, and oyong.

“Our month’s yield is for kale and spinach,” he told.

He also utilizes the land for developing ornamental plants, ranging from bonsai, bidara arab, and bidara cina. “In details, 400 square meters width is used for ornamental plant and 200 square meters width are for agriculture,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta