People To Report Hazardous Waste Findings

Jakarta Environment (LH) Department encourages Jakartans to immediately report any findings regarding hazardous and toxic substances (B3) waste on their environment thus it can be handled quickly and properly.

Jakarta LH Department Head, Isnawa Adji said, residents can report it to local RT/RW apparatuses or via LH Department’s social media account.

“After receiving report, our team will immediately survey the location and examine the B3 waste findings,” he conveyed, Tuesday (1/15).

According to him, B3 waste can harm environment, even living things including human.

“Hazardous waste usually produces poisonous odors, flammable and corrosive,” he stated.

He asserted, LH Department will optimize socialization to residents regarding the dangers of B3 waste.

“We will educate residents about B3 waste types, impacts, and handling based on procedures,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta