People should not easily be provoked: President

Palembang, S Sumatra, (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) advised the public not to be easily agitated by hoaxes and negative issues that could undermine the national unity.

President Joko Widodo when delivering his speech after receiving a traditional ‘Rajo Balaq Mangku Nagara’ title in Griya Agung, Palembang on Sunday morning, said he was sometimes surprised by the fact that difference in political choice could make people reluctant to talk to each other.

“I sometimes shake my head to see why the people in the same village or in the same neighborhood do not greet each other only because of different choice in electing a district head, a govenor or a president. There are people in the same ‘Majlis Taklim’ (religious propagation assembly) who would not to greet each other only because of presidential election,” he said.

Jokowi said that regional head elections (district head and governor elections) and presidential race are held not only this time, but they are routinely held once in every 5 years.

“We all are brothers of a nation and fellow countrymen. Do not forget that. It should not happen that because of agitations, provocations and insults, all become heated,” he said

Therefore, President Jokowi earlier in Lampung said that people should not be hostile toward each other and sacrifice their harmony only because of general elections and differences in choice.

During his visit to Darussalam Islamic Boarding School in Braja Dewa village East Lampung District on Friday evening, Jokowi said the people should not be hostile toward each other due to the democratic festivity.

“I want to remind you that you should be careful of conflict which can occur due to the district head election, governor election and presidential election,” Jokowi said in front of a number of kiai (Muslim cleric), santris (boarding school students) and local residents at Darussalam Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes).

He said that every five years there would always be a district head, governor and presidential elections. “We should not victimize our harmony and unity only because of the democratic festivities.”

According to Jokowi, the festival of democracy is held every five years, and when it takes place, the community too must carefully look at the candidates track records, work program, and ideas in developing the region.

President Jokowi visited Ponpes Darussalamah to stay in touch with kiais, santris and residents in Lampung Province.

Source: ANTARA News