PD. PAL Jaya Gives Aid To Tsunami Victims In Banten

PD. PAL Jaya gives logistic aid and medicines for tsunami victims in Banten through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

PD. PAL Jaya Administration and Financial Director, Hidayat Sigit Suryanto mentioned, at first his side plans to give logistic aid to tsunami victims in Lampung. But, it is considered not possible to deliver the aid due to bad weather. Thus the aid will be distributed to tsunami victims in Banten.

“Besides logistic aid and medicines, we also give herbs and vegetables for public kitchen needs,” he said, Wednesday (1/2).

In this chance, his side also gives staple commodities and one unit clean water tank to supply refugees’ needs in the shelter.

“Hopefully, these aid can ease burden of our brothers and sisters in Banten,” he conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta