Pasar Minggu PTSP’s Goes To Mall Service Operational Hour Extended

This year, Pasar Minggu One-Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) Unit will extend PTSP Goes to Mall’s operational hours and it will be held once a week.

Pasar Minggu PTSP Unit Head, Roy Tobing mentioned, PTSP Goes to Mall service in Pejaten Village will be held once a week and its operational hour will be added.

“Starting February, we will divide it into two shifts: 8 AM-1 PM and 1 PM-8 PM,” he informed, Monday (1/7).

He hopes, it can give a chance for residents who want to take care permit administration by providing more operational hours. Especially for those who need to work or have business in afternoon.

“We want to make it easier for them by making the time more flexible. Our target in this year is to issue 5,000 permits,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta