Parapet Construction Along Sarua River PHB Channel Continued

Pasar Minggu Water Resources (SDA) Unit Head is in the process to build parapet along Sarua River connecting (PHB) channel on Jalan TB. Simatupang, Ragunan Urban Village. Parapet is built to prevent water flowing into road during heavy rain.

According to Pasar Minggu SDA Unit Head, Chairul Anwar, its construction has been started since November 2018 and now it reaches 85 percent. He is targeting this project to be completed on January 15.

“We deploy eight Pasar Minggu SDA Unit personnel to build U-shape parapet. Currently we just need to concrete the right side of the channel then it’s completed” he conveyed, Sunday (1/6).

Pasar Minggu SDA Unit’s Field Coordinator, Didi Supriadi mentioned, this parapet takes a little longer to build because it was difficult for his team to dig three foundations because it is hindered by utility cables.

“We also need to assemble irons as long as 55 centimeters for its foundation,” he added.

He also informs this parapet’s total width is 25 meters with one meter height.

Source: Berita Jakarta