PAL Jaya Continues to Socialize Communal IPAL Maintenance

The sewage company PD PAL Jaya continues to socialize the maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant (IPAL) and sewage sludge periodically towards citizens of RW 07, Pondok Labu, South Jakarta.

PD PAL Jaya’s Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Sewage Service Sub-Unit Head, Marlina Situmorang disclosed that the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing has built the communal IPAL in such area and locals must maintain piping networks in their homes.

“Through socialization, we tell them (citizens) do not throw away food fat and so on,” he expressed, Thursday (3/14).

Aside that, they were also asked to conduct routine suctioning every once three year.

“It should be done, as the IPAL capacity is small,” he uttered.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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