Over 80% of merchants in the US accept UnionPay credit cards

It is learnt on September 1 that almost all the ATMs in the US accept UnionPay cards for cash withdrawal and over 80% of the local merchants accept UnionPay credit cards. In tourists’ favorite destinations like New York, Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando and Chicago, UnionPay’s acceptance coverage in well-known shopping centers and Outlets has exceeded 90%. With one UnionPay debit card and one UnionPay credit card (card numbers both start with 62), cardholders can pay with ease and benefits in the US.

Merchants accepting UnionPay are located across the US, covering department stores, brand chain stores, convenient stores, restaurants and hotels, and it is convenient to use UnionPay cards at Macy’s, Apple Stores, Best Buy, airport duty-free stores and other places favored by tourists. Using UnionPay credit cards in the US, cardholders only need to sign, and no PIN is required. Cardholders can also use UnionPay debit cards at merchants with PIN pads.

With an extensive acceptance network in the US, UnionPay International has been constructing 30 core acceptance business districts around the major attractions and shopping centers since last year, enhancing acceptance coverage while providing exclusive benefits and services. These core business districts include Metropolitan Museum of Art, Woodbury Premium Outlet, T Galleria by DFS, and Kalakaua Avenue in Hawaii.

It is worth noting that although many American merchants do not display the signage of bankcard brands, most merchants with PIN pads accept UnionPay debit cards. Consumers may also ask the cashiers if UnionPay cards are accepted.

Within this year, cardholders are able to enjoy various privileges in the US. First, over 50 well-known Outlets provide VIP discount manuals and gifts for UnionPay cardholders, including 15 Premium Outlets, 37 Tanger Outlets and many Fashion Outlets. Second, consumers may enjoy double discounts (10%-off and “4-day fare for 7-day tenancy”) when using UnionPay cards to rent cars via Hertz. Third, UnionPay cardholders are able to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free, and buying one ticket for the Art Institute of Chicago with UnionPay credit card, consumers can get another ticket for free.

Source: Antara News