Outlying areas to declare support for Jokowi

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Communities, sympathizers, and volunteers from the four outermost regions of Indonesia will soon declare their support for the nomination of incumbent President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) as a presidential candidate in the 2019 presidential election.

The declaration of support for Jokowi is planned to be carried out simultaneously in Sabang, Merauke, Miangas and Rote this Wednesday under the coordination of the Arus Bawah Jokowi Central Executive Board, chaired by Michael Umbas.

Themed “Our Thanks for Jokowi,” the declaration will be made simultaneously in four corners of the country from Sabang in the west, Merauke in the east, Miangas in the north, and Rote in the south.

In his written statement here on Wednesday, Umbas noted that the declaration plan had earlier been prepared with all volunteer organs from the four outermost regions, where in essence they fully support and agree to nominate Jokowi to lead Indonesia again in the next five years.

“This declaration offers a historical momentum and pride, as the people at the border of the four corners of the country agree to fully support and re-nominate President Jokowi to lead Indonesia again,” he stated.

According to Umbas, symbolic declarations have a strong foundation for the people in these four regions. Moreover, it is known that President Jokowi had set foot in Sabang, Merauke, Miangas, and Rote.

The president visited the outermost region to ensure the implementation of the “Indonesia Centrist” infrastructure development.

Moreover, various policies and programs as well as the presidents directives were implemented to make the outer islands of Indonesia a well-preserved Indonesian foyer, with good infrastructure and accessibility.

“The community has also enjoyed the benefits of President Jokowis policies according to Nawacitas commitment,” he pointed out.

As planned, the declaration in the four corners of the country will be coupled with various activities that prioritize local cultural wisdom in Sabang, Merauke, Miangas, and Rote.

“Various support of the people of Sabang, Merauke, Miangas and Rote will be expressed in prayers and expressions that will be in line with the local wisdom,” Umbas explained.

He added that the declaration will directly demonstrate the enthusiasm and love of the Indonesian people from the outer islands for President Jokowi.

Source: ANTARA News