Organda Yogyakarta prepares fleets for lebaran transportation

Yogyakarta, (ANTARA News) – The Yogyakarta Organization of Land Transportation Owners (Organda) prepares hundreds of fleet reserves to anticipate the surge of passengers during the Idul Fitri, or Lebaran holiday mass exodus.

“We have prepared as many as 850 tour bus reserves for Lebaran transportation,” Yogyakarta Organda Chairman Agus Adrianto remarked here on Thursday.

He said the tour bus reserves were prepared because the number of inter-city and inter-province buses used for Lebaran transportation this year in Yogyakarta is very limited.

According to him, the tour bus reserves will be used during the Lebaran mass exodus for the routes of East Java, West Java, Jakarta, and other cities in Central Java.

Adrianto expressed hope that the Yogyakarta Organda still pays attention to the security of transportation and the worthiness of transportation fleets.

In the meantime, local Department of Transportation Head Sigit Sapto Rahardjo said the number of travelers who use buses in Yogyakarta in Lebaran 2018 reached 617,267 or up 1 percent from the previous year.

While for travelers who use air transport are estimated to reach 739,343 or up by 11 percent, and those who use the train are estimated to reach 491,590 or up by 10 percent from Lebaran last year.

Source: ANTARA News