Online trade transactions must be registered

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Head of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Bambang Brodjonegoro, has expressed the need to officially register online trading transactions.

Data on online trading transactions is needed to know their impact on the economic growth, especially at a time when the retail business sector is facing a gloomy condition amid efforts to improve the macroeconomic indicators.

He said here on Friday the online trade transactions needed to be registered officially for statistics.

Statistics on online trading transactions is an important issue. It is needed to know the impact of the online trading system on the economic development.

Brodjonegoro said he should not look at the importance of the taxation aspect first. It is the data recording which is very important.

Hence, the Bappenas chief asked the Central Board of Statistics (BPS) to improve the mechanism of data registration of the online transactions, both in terms of gross domestic product and consumption.

“We can explore online companies. They, of course, use expedition firms from where the growth of the business could be revealed,” Brodjonegoro said.

He said it could reflect the growth of the online transactions. Their data now is not yet recorded. Our statistics is still about data on retailers and wholesalers.

“We need the change made in connection with the online transactions,” remarked Brodjonegoro.

The Bappenas head expressed hope that online trading system would be included in the formal sector, it should not remain as a business in the informal sector.

Brodjonegoro who is a former finance minister, supported the increasing number of online trading businesses in the country.

“The important thing is that it is recorded in the statistics. Fairness principle is needed. Thus, it also needs to pay tax,” Brodjonegoro noted.

Source: Antara News