Nurture ‘sports fever,’ VP Amin tells regional authorities

Internal Affairs

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin has urged regional authorities to promote “sports fever” among residents to bolster national sports development, as envisaged by the government.

“I think what is important is to promote ‘sports fever’ among residents. I agree that regional governments must be required, not be suggested, to rev up sports development in respective regions,” Amin said here on Thursday.

The vice president earlier presided over a meeting on the implementation of the Grand Design of National Sports at the Vice Presidential Palace.

He said that regulatory support is necessary to accomplish the promotion of “sports fever” and develop a love of sports among residents.

Amin also highlighted that the grand design’s implementation road map, which will guide national sports development, must be completed promptly.

“The plan must be implemented in action plans that can be integrated into the National Middle-term Development Plan (RPJMN). The plan must be completed promptly with proper coordination with relevant parties,” the Vice President advised.

He also pointed out that proper coordination between government institutions at the central and regional levels is important to ensure appropriate strategy implementation and budget disbursement.

“We have a lot of budget sources, either from the national budget, regional budget, the private sector, and state-owned enterprises,” he noted.

Village funds could also be disbursed for sports development after the Finance Ministry gives the green light for the process, he added.

“(If the Finance Minister allows the process), the village fund can be used to develop sports complexes. I believe we can achieve a lot (by this). Hence, I believe that budget will not be our main problem,” the Vice President told the Home Affairs Minister while discussing village fund utilization.

Source: Antara News