Number of Lebaran travelers using private vehicles to increase

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Transportation Ministry has predicted that the number of Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran travelers will increase by 27.77 percent to 12.24 million, while those traveling via public transportation will also increase by 5.17 percent to 19.5 million.

Expert Staff of the Transportation Minister for Logistics, Multimedia and Safety Affairs Cris Kuntadi said in Jakarta on Thursday that the drastic increase in people traveling via private vehicles will be seen most among those who own two-wheelers.

In 2017, approximately 6.97 million people used two-wheelers. This year, it is predicted there will be 8.52 million people using two-wheelers or up 33.3 percent.

“Mudik with two-wheelers is not safe, so we do not recommend people returning home via motorcycles,” said Kuntadi.

There are several free modes of transportation for those coming home, such as free rides via trains, where the motorcycles of travelers will be transported by trains for free, and travelers will only have to pay for the train tickets.

Then, there are also buses, where travelers will leave by bus and their motorbikes will be transported by trucks. Travelers can also return home for free by boat.

But unfortunately, people travelling via motorcycles are not interested in returning home for free by boat.

“Until now, mudik (traveling) via ships is less welcomed by the community. This is in contrast to the free motorcycle transportation via train that goes full every year, or the bus ride,” he said.

For motorists going home for free, the Ministry of Transportation will provide 1,130 buses for a quota of 50,850 people and 70 trucks to transport 3,150 motorcycles to 32 cities. For those coming home via railway, the government has set up a motorcycle quota of 18,096 motorcycles to 32 stations.

As for the sea transportation mode, the Ministry of Transportation has prepared three ships with a transport quota of 6,000 people and 3,000 motorcycles to three cities and six ships to carry 30,400 people and 15,200 motorcycles.

Source: ANTARA News