Novantos wife banned from traveling abroad

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The wife of Indonesian house speaker Setya Novanto has been prohibited from traveling abroad for the period of six months from Nov 21.

“Officially, since Nov 21, 2017, a KPK decree has been issued to bsn Mrs. Deisti Asyriani Tagor to travel abroad. Besides producing a decree, the anti-graft agency (KPK) has also issued a request preventing her to travel abroad. Therefore, it is one package,” the spokesman of Immigration Directorate of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Agung Sampurno, confirmed here on Thursday when asked to confirm about information about it.

Agung said that “she was banned to travel abroad because, according to the KPK decree, she is still under process of investigation in connection with the KTP-E corruption case.”

Deisi was banned from travelling abroad in connection with the KTP-E (electronic identification card) corruption case with Anang Sugiana Sudihardjo as the president director of PT Quadra Solution.

Earlier on Monday (Nov 20), Tagor had been questioned as a witness for Sudihardjo in her capacity as the former commissioner of PT Mondialindo Graha Perdana.

KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah stated that Deisti was questioned to understand the chronology of ownership of PT Mondialindo Graha Perdana and PT Murakabi Sejahtera and parties who had shares there.

“There are histories of company ownership and one of them was PT Murakabi Sejahtera. The name of the witness was also found in other companies as well holding quite high positions, “he remarked.

Sudihardjo is the president director of PT Quadra Solution, who has been named suspect in connection with the KTP-E case.

PT Quadra Solution is one of the companies that had joined the consortium led by PNRI (Percetakan Negara Republik Indonesia) as the executor of the KTP-E project. Other members of the consortium are PT LEN Industry, PT Quadra Solution, PT Sucofindo, and PT Sandipala Artha Putra.

Sugiana is believed to have committed the crime together with Novanto, Andi Agustinus alias Andi Narogong, Irman, Sugiharto, and other accomplices.

He is believed to have transferred money to Novanto and a number of parliamentary members through Andi Narogong.

In a court session earlier, Deisti Astriani Tagor and Reza Herwindo, the wife and son of Novanto, respectively, were found to have held shares at PT Mondialindo Graha Perdana, which is the majority shareholder of PT Murakabi Sejahtera, one of the companies that took part in the KTP-E procurement project.

“Based on existing documents, Tagor and Herwindo held about 80 percent of shares of PT Mondialindo Graha Perdana that they later sold to Cyprus Antonia Tatali.

According to Novanto, Tatali was a businessman, when asked by the prosecutor while testifying for Andi Agustinus in a court session on Oct 3.

Agustinus was accused of making US$1.499 million, plus Rp1 billion, from the project, while the state loss in connection with the case reached Rp2.3 trillion, out of Rp5.9 trillion worth of the project of the ministry of home affairs.

Source: ANTARA News