North Sulawesis ornamental fish records high demand fromIitaly

Manado, N Sulawesi, (ANTARA News) – North Sulawesi Province has enjoyed a high demand for ornamental fish from buyers in Italy during the second quarter of 2018.

“Buyers in Italy are interested in buying ornamental fish since early 2018. Thank God, the high demand has continued until now,” Head of the Foreign Trade Division of North Sulawesis Provincial Industry and Trade Darwin Muksin stated here on Monday.

He noted that North Sulawesi had exported a total of 800 live ornamental fish, or 35 boxes, to Italy, generating foreign exchange for the country totaling US$639.

In fact, the exports of ornamental fish commodities are lower than those of coconut and other fishery products.

However, the most important aspect is creating a new market for superior products of North Sulawesi, which were earlier only exported to Thailand.

Thus, exporters should capitalize on this opportunity to boost prosperity and foreign exchange for the country.

“Ornamental fish has its own specialties, so we enjoy the high demand,” he explained.

Muksin further stated that the sales of live ornamental fish from North Sulawesi that had garnered serious attention from the foreign market had indicated a significant increase, both in terms of volume and value.

“The increase in foreign exchange earnings is supported by guaranteed quality for foreign buyers,” he added.

Factors that cause the price of marine commodities to rise sharply among buyers include a guarantee of the shape, color, and quality of fish.

Source: ANTARA News