North Jakarta And KONI Cooperate To Produce Talented Athletes

North Jakarta Government and North Jakarta National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI) have agreed to create a strategic planning for talented sports coaching.

North Jakarta Assistant in Administration and Public Welfare, Wawan Budi Rohman said, good cooperation between city regulator and KONI is expected to produce talented athletes from North Jakarta in national and international levels.

“We have sports events throughout the year. We hope KONI could be involved in the next sport event thus North Jakarta can have athletes with achievements at national and international levels,” he mentioned, Tuesday (1/8).

North Jakarta and KONI are exploring schools’ potentials to have coaching for particular sports and make it more focus and measurable.

North Jakarta KONI Chairman, Wawan Setiawan conveyed, currently his side is developing a strategic plan for improving athletes’ achievements thus North Jakarta can get supremacy at 2019 Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) VIII on this November.

“We will improve networking relation between government and stakeholders and arrange athletes legality database,” he added.

Data of athletes who already have legality and achievement will be sorted in a database and it will be shown in Thus, number of North Jakarta athletes and their achievements will be recorded and it would be much easier to do coaching.

Source: Berita Jakarta