No Indonesian victims reported in Manila casino attack

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Foreign Affairs Ministry has confirmed that no Indonesian citizens were among the victims of an attack on a casino in Manila that resulted in the deaths of at least 36 people.

Spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Arrmanatha Nasir stated during a press briefing here on Friday that the Indonesian Embassy in Manila has coordinated with the local authority of the Philippines following the attack that occurred on Friday after midnight in a local casino-hotel complex.

“The initial information showed that no Indonesian was among the victims,” Nasir remarked.

At least 36 people were reported dead after suffocating due to smoke after a gunman stormed the casino, firing an automatic rifle and setting fire to the gambling tables.

The Philippines Star has reported that the gunman did not shoot anyone but disappeared into the chaos of smoke and running people.

As a result, a manhunt was conducted throughout the casino, hotel, and shopping complex until dawn.

The man was found and killed by the local police troops.

The incident was likely to be a robbery gone wrong rather than a terrorist attack, a local officer stated.

The Indonesian representative in Manila and the local authority have kept the lines of communication open since the investigation got underway.

Source: Antara News