New Year’s Eve, Tax Collecting In S. Jakarta Reaches Rp 2 Billion

South Jakarta Tax and Local Retribution Sub-dept. focuses to collect restaurant tax, entertainment tax, and hotel tax on New Year’s Eve. As the result, personnel were able to collect Rp 2,204,994,118 from last night’s tax operation.

“From Monday (12/31) to Tuesday (1/1) dawn, we collect tax from 87 tax objects in nine sub-districts, excluding Jagakarsa. It is a special new year tax which is only collected from tax objects that held special event or special opening hours on New Year’s eve,” said Yuspin Dramatin, Head of South Jakarta Tax and Local Retribution Sub-dept., Tuesday (1/1).

Tax collecting was done from 9 PM to 3 AM.

“We have collected Rp 2,204,994,118. It is higher than last year with total around Rp 780 million,” she conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta