New Student Proud to be part of FEMA IPB

53 new students of the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) became more proud to be a part of FEMA after the introduction activity to the faculty, Saturday-Sunday (27-28 / 8). This activity is centered in the auditorium of Community Nutrition and Family Resources (GMSK) in the Darmaga Campus of IPB. This activity is part of the Introduction to Campus for the new students (MPKMB) to familiarize with the faculty closer.

Dean of FEMA, Dr. Arif Satria said welcome to the new students and gave a general overview of FEMA and graduate employment prospects. “Although FEMA is the youngest faculty of IPB, we will continue to be the leading and assisting FEMA’s students to be recognized nationally and internationally, as our motto”, he said.

On this occasion, also present were Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Titik Sumarti; Vice Dean for Resources, Cooperation and Development, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Sulaiman; Commission on Student Affairs, Department of Community Nutrition, dr. Naufal Muharram Nurdin, MSi; Secretary of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Dr. Tin Herawati and Chairman of the Department of Communication Science and Community Development, Dr. Siti Amanah.

In this activity the profiles and infrastructure in FEMA, a general overview of IPB and campus regulation, demonstrations of each department, introduction to student organizations of FEMA, Student Creativity Program (PKM) were introduced by Dr. Megawati Simanjuntak, as well as sharing with the PKM team that passes National Student Science Week XXIX (29th Pimnas) and the National Third Best Achieving Student Achievement of FEMA IPB.

To be more familiar with the pioneer in the field of human ecology, the students are also invited to take a tour throughout FEMA, such as the departments, Plasma, and Green TV. In addition, students went to the field giving community services by doing ten good things in the surrounding of the campus.

The activity of the first day in the introduction to FEMA became livelier when the song written by Dr. Arif Satria titled “Student” was sung with the new students. They seemed proud to be a college student and even more proud to be a student of FEMA IPB, especially when the video of FEMA profile was played.

“I get a lot of inspiration from great people at FEMA, therefore I am proud to be a part of FEMA,” said Dinda Karunia Putri, one new student of FEMA in Batch 53. (Mtd)

Source: Bogor Agricultural University