New Student of FAPERTA in Batch 53 Take Part in the Introduction to the Faculty

The new students in Batch 53 of the Faculty of Agriculture (FAPERTA), Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) participated in the introduction activity to the faculty, Saturday-Sunday (27-28 / 8), which is centered in the Auditorium Toyib Hadiwijaya, Darmaga Campus of IPB, Bogor, and part of the Introduction to Campus for the new students aimed to introduce the faculty and departments.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Agus Purwito presented IPB profile and motivated new students. “Agriculture is not always on the field the hood hat, but you could also be a manager in the office with neat clothes and suits. So do not feel guilty for entering or studying in IPB, because getting lost in IPB is getting lost on the right path,” said Dr. Agus Purwito.

The introduction to the faculty was also attended by the Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Nurhayati; Vice Dean for Resources, Cooperation and Development, Dr. Suwardi; and officials of each department.

In this activity the new students were introduced to the profile of IPB and FAPERTA, infrastructure and facilities at the Faculty of Agriculture, campus regulation, and each department. There were also a faculty tour to each secretariat of the student organization at the Faculty of Agriculture and a brief talk show about organizations, academics, and entrepreneurs.

“The introduction to faculties and departments early in the beginning of new student period like this is very important. The purpose is to instill a love for faculties and departments from the beginning, although they have to pass through Competency General Program (PPKU) for one year. We hope they do not feel choosing the wrong Department because from the beginning they have been introduced to all aspects,” said the coordinator of the introduction to the faculty in the faculty of Agriculture, Muhammad Bagus Setyo Nugroho.

In this event, Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture of IPB, Prof. Dr. Hadi Susilo Arifin shared the view on modern agriculture with the title “I and my Future Agriculture”. According to him, the students as the youth have an important role in agricultural development. “First the youth as the future generation, the youth as the change agents of the nation, and three the youth as the motor of the nation’s morale,” he said.

The introduction to faculty activity in the Faculty of Agriculture ended lively. The trigger by the supporter team “Green Force” successfully motivated new students to enliven the atmosphere by singing the supporting songs.

“I am proud to be part of the Faculty of Agriculture. Moreover, it invited great speakers presenting extraordinary innovations in agriculture. My knowledge of farming increases and I want to study immediately at the Faculty of Agriculture,” said one of the participants, Dini Puspa Dewi. (IM)

Source: Bogor Agricultural University