New Streetlights To Be Installed At 3,528 Points

To improve the quality of city lighting, new streetlights will be installed at 3,518 points in the near future.

According to Syamsul Bakhri, Division Head of Lighting for Jakarta Industry and Energy Department, it will be executed at 1,047 points in South Jakarta, 579 points in West Jakarta, 752 points in Central Jakarta, 641 points in East Jakarta, and 184 points in North Jakarta.

“It will also be done at 281 points of worship places and 34 points of intersection road,” he expressed, Wednesday (1/16).

To improve the aesthetics and realize the savings, the forked pole will be used to optimally light up the wide pedestrian such as, protocol road and pedestrian area.

It is targeted to enter auction stage by the end of February.

“If it’s realized, we will start installation in the upcoming March,” he said.

Source: Berita Jakarta