New capital authority finalizing supporting regulations

Internal Affairs

The Nusantara Capital Authority is focusing on finalizing supporting regulations before commencing the construction of the new capital, according to authority head Bambang Susantono.

“I will start from the regulation because currently, we are finalizing four Presidential Regulation and two Government Regulation drafts. We have recently synchronized the drafts to ensure compatibility with each other,” he said in Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

Susantono and the capital authority deputy head, Dhony Rahajoe, earlier met with President Joko Widodo; Minister of Investment and Head of the Investment Coordinating Board Bahlil Lahadalia; Minister of State Secretary Pratikno; Chief of the Indonesian Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo; and other officials.

“All of those regulations are essential as our legal basis to continue our progress forward,” he said.

Besides developing the physical aspects of the city, the capital authority will also nurture social interaction among residents in the new capital, he said.

“The new capital must be sustainable, green, inclusive, and must be a smart city. We will realize those visions through three aspects: planning, execution, and regulation,” the capital authority head noted.

For the planning aspect, the capital authority will consolidate the master plan of the new capital before advancing to spatial planning and its details, as well as building local environment plans, he said.

“The planning will reach the city block level, and may reach the sub-block level; we will also check this part. I and Rahajoe have conducted various meetings with ministries and government institutions to check the consistency from the top to the bottom levels. This will be essential because our working partners would observe those matters,” Susantono remarked.

The capital authority is currently studying various methods to conduct the new capital construction in the most effective ways, he said.

“How we will conceive the logistics line, what kind of materials are needed, and how we will ensure the new capital development will be consistent with our mission to protect the environment (must be analyzed),” the capital authority head added.

The Nusantara Capital Authority is committed to consolidating the execution plan and regulations, coordinating with relevant authorities, as well as communicating and collaborating with authorities and members of the public, Susantono affirmed.

Meanwhile, Rahajoe said that the capital authority has mammoth tasks that must be undertaken to realize the new capital in a relatively short period.

“Our focus is to realize a national capital that is sustainable, driving growth and demonstrates Indonesia’s diversity, as the law has mandated. We want to maintain those aspects; hence, we will refer to those goals in setting our initiatives,” the deputy head remarked.

Source: Antara News