Need strategic steps to address learning loss: MPR deputy speaker

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Jakarta Learning loss must be addressed immediately with a strategic policy that drives stakeholders and people to implement learning patterns that are adaptive post-pandemic, People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Deputy Speaker Lestari Moerdijat has said.

“Learning loss that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic must be systematically addressed through policies that are able to drive stakeholders in the education sector and the society,” she said in a written statement issued here on Tuesday.

The disruption in the education sector led to learning loss because the community, teaching staff, and students faced difficulties in adapting to the learning patterns that were implemented, she said.

According to Moerdijat, learning loss is often interpreted as an academic setback among students related to a prolonged gap or learning process that is not going well.

Based on World Bank data released in September 2021, Indonesian students lost 0.9 years, or around ten months, of school learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic since early 2020, she said.

“The drastic change from face-to-face learning to online learning pattern that demands the independence of students and parents of students still face many obstacles in its implementation,” she remarked.

The learning loss was worsened by the digital divide in Indonesia that affected education, she said.

To help students catch up, strategic steps must be immediately carried out through policies that are able to push stakeholders and the community to overcome the problems, she added.

“Stakeholders must be able to prepare the readiness of the teaching staff, students, and parents of students in implementing the new education pattern,” she said.

The MPR deputy speaker urged all parties to immediately realize an adaptive education system so that the Indonesian students can catch up after experiencing learning loss.

Source: Antara News