National Police holds meeting on Eid exodus preparations

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The National Police held a coordination meeting to discuss the preparations and strategies for the 2022 Eid exodus, here on Thursday.

During the coordination meeting, officials discussed securing and monitoring the flow of travelers, distributing cash assistance, as well as accelerating booster vaccinations.

“We need to be vigilant. Our hope is that the coverage of booster shots can reach 50 percent by April 25 (2022),” National Police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said.

While making his presentation, Prabowo explained that the securing of the 2022 Eid exodus should be carried out optimally so that people can go home with COVID-19 cases remaining under control.

He reflected on the experience of two years ago when the Eid exodus was restricted but COVID-19 cases still spiked due to the emergence of the Delta variant.

He then expressed the hope that the case hike would not happen again as the implementation of the booster vaccine is targeted to reach 50 percent ahead of Eid. In addition, the optimization of the health protocols and the use of the PeduliLindungi app are also necessary, Prabowo stressed.

Regarding the regulation of traffic flow during the Eid period, several strategies have been prepared, including the deployment of personnel, the establishment of security posts, service posts, and integrated posts.

Each post has also been prepared to provide vaccination services in order to realize the target of 50-percent booster shot coverage, he informed.

“We accelerate our efforts (for people to) visit their parents and siblings. The 70-percent target of vaccination for the elderly is also to reduce the number of severe cases,” he added.

In anticipation of traffic congestion, officials have been mapping areas prone to traffic jams, he informed. At these congestion-prone points, some regulatory strategies will be implemented, such as the odd-even traffic rule, and arterial roads.

Prabowo also asked his rank and file to socialize the restrictions so that the public can adjust their departure schedule and enjoy a smooth trip.

Source: Antara News