N. Sulawesis copra in high demand in Philippines

Manado (ANTARA News) – Buyers from the Philippines have shown increasing interest in copra imported from North Sulawesi Province following a spike in demand before Eid-Al Fitr in 2018.

“Some 1,400 tons of copra were exported to the Philippines and able to generate foreign exchange worth US$889,756 for the country,” Head of Industry and Trade of North Sulawesi Jenny Karouw stated here on Thursday.

She noted that exports of copra to the Philippines will be increased, as it is able to increase income of the local people.

Hence, the quality of the product should be improved for buyers.

Karouw stated that the Philippines had become the main export destination for North Sulawesis copra due to its high demand.

“The quality of copra in North Sulawesi is different as compared to that available in the Philippines. Hence, the demand is quite high,” she explained.

However, coconut plantations in North Sulawesi need to be rejuvenated to meet the further demand of copra.

“We know that North Sulawesi is one of the largest food exporting regions in Indonesia. I think we must conduct rejuvenation to ensure that copra remains the largest commodity export here,” she added.

Source: ANTARA News