N Penajam Paser expects room for discussion with Nusantara authority

Internal Affairs

An official of the North Penajam Paser District authority, East Kalimantan, stated that the authority expects room for discussion with the Nusantara Capital Authority to deliberate on capital relocation-related matters.

North Penajam Paser acting district head Hamdan Pongrewa stated here on Friday that room for discussion with the new capital authority should be provided to deliberate on the recently-passed National Capital Law and derivative laws.

Deliberations with the new capital authority will help the district authority to ready all aspects necessary for the new capital and align the district policy with the capital relocation plan, he noted.

The North Penajam Paser authority is keen to deliberate with the Nusantara Capital Authority on matters that will affect the district during the capital relocation, especially pertaining to the status of assets owned by the district authority within the new capital boundary, the acting district head stated.

“Several physical and non-physical assets of North Penajam Paser District are now located within the new capital boundary,” Pongrewa remarked.

The district authority will make efforts to ensure assets of the district located in Sepaku Sub-district, which will be absorbed as the core part of the new capital, will remain under the jurisdiction of the district, he stated.

“We are currently making efforts to ensure several assets will remain under the district’s jurisdiction even when the Sepaku Sub-district would no longer be under the North Penajam Paser authority,” the acting district head noted.

The authority had also requested the central government to not take over the Sepaku Regional General Hospital and a 43-hectare plot of land in the Trunen farm area that comprises cattle farms and a guest house for the new capital authority, he remarked.

Apart from the physical assets, the district authority also has 45 state civil apparatuses that work in the sub-districts of Sepaku, Maridan, Pemaluan, and Mentawir, he added.

“The status of district government assets and state civil apparatuses under the district authority must be clear, and we hope that the Nusantara Capital Authority will assist in the development of peripheral regions,” Pongrewa affirmed.

Source: Antara News