MUI tolds religious leaders to defend state ideology Pancasila

Palu (ANTARA News) – The Palu city branch of the Indonesian Council of Islamic Scholars (MUI), Central Sulawesi, told religious leaders in the region to be united in defending the state ideology Pancasila and the integrity of the Unitary State of Indonesia.

Chairman of the Palu MUI Prof. Dr. H. Zainal Abidin said Pancasila as a state ideology has to be defended and may not be replaced with other ideology.

“Pancasila has become a principle that units us as a nation under the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” the professor said.

The expert in modern Islam noted there were lately certain groups organizing move against the state ideology and the motto of Unity in Diversity.

The motto of Unity in Diversity in the Unitary State needs to be strengthened and improved in quality by involving religious leaders of all faiths, he said.

He said the threat has to be seriously addressed before it is out of control, adding participation and involvement of religious leaders is determinant to defend the state and the state philosophy.

“Religious leaders – Islam, Christian, Hindu and Buddha, etc.- should need to take active participation in maintaining the national integrity,” he said.

The rector of the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Palu described the threat to national integrity as serious that has to be dealt with seriously in addition to intolerance, radicalism and group that seeks to replace Pancasila.

“MUI as a religious proselytizing agency would come to the people to ask them to maintain and promote religious harmony,” he said.

Earlier in Jakarta, MUI Chairman KH Maruf Amin said Indonesia has Indonesia adopted and agrees with system of republic as a national pillar.

“Indonesia adopts and agrees with system of republic as a national pillar. We no longer need to talk about khilafah,” Maruf Amin said after the opening of a Muslim Economic Congress 2017 in the capital city last month.

Maruf was asked to comment about move by Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) to convene an “International Khilafah Forum” in the capital city. The forum was suspected as seeking to replace the present government system with caliphate (Khilafah).

He said Indonesian leaders from any religious sects already agreed with the existing system and the rise of new system would only trigger new instability.

“Agreement is already reached. This noise about khilafah is caused by a new group that wants other system,” Maruf Amin said commenting on plan to hold “International Khilafah Forum” in Jakarta.

The Jakarta police has announced it would not allow Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) to convene an “International Khilafah Forum” in the capital city.

A police spokesman said police had analyzed and evaluated potential impact of the forum and decided not to give the permit, adding the Jakarta police intelligence had data about the forum, but he did elaborate.

Source: Antara News